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Lotus Extracts – What Are They?

Lotus Extracts have been used for centuries as a treatment for bleeding disorders, especially menstrual bleeding. Due to their phytochemical content and anti-coagulatory abilities, lotus extracts can help manage blood clots and regulate uterine bleeding. They can also help stop bleeding associated with severe piles. However, if consumed too much, lotus extracts can cause internal …

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The Benefits of a Healthier Workforce

Employers can increase the productivity of their workforce by providing a healthier workplace. These benefits include improved employee morale, increased cost-savings, and improved service outcomes. By implementing healthy lifestyle and exercise programs, employers can set a good example for staff and increase employee productivity. They should also offer incentives and facilities, such as free gym …

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Autism Assessment and Treatment

During an autism assessment, clinicians use various methods to make a diagnosis and determine treatment. They often rely on behavioral observations and standardized diagnostic scales. This two-step process begins with the developmental screening of a child to see if a more comprehensive evaluation is necessary. The screening process helps rule out other causes of developmental …

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