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Heras Fence Mesh Solutions: Reinforcing Security and Control

As the UK continues to return to normality following the lockdown imposed after the terror attack, building contractors must consider how to keep pedestrians safe around construction sites. heras fence mesh solutions are one way to do this, helping to provide both a visual deterrent and to prevent trespassing on dangerous equipment.

Heras fence panels are easy to install, and can be connected using a variety of couplers. They are also highly durable, with a galvanised finish and polyester powder coating. This helps to make them resistant to rusting and the weather, meaning that they can be used as long as required. They are also very lightweight, which makes them easy to transport and deploy.

These temporary fencing panels feature a metal grid with an anti-climb, welded mesh design. This helps to prevent intruders from gaining footholds on the fence and scaling it, with gates available to allow access for workers and vehicles. The grid also features a spiked top design, which acts as a further deterrent to anyone who attempts to climb. This combination of features is what makes Heras fencing such a strong and effective barrier against trespassers.

A heras fence is also very affordable, and maintenance costs are low too. Each panel is made from a welded mesh and includes tubular framing poles, with the ends of these being slotted into concrete blocks to hold them in place and connect them to adjacent panels. This makes the Heras fence system easy to maintain, and unlike other types of fencing, individual panels can be replaced rather than entire sections.

When to Use Heras Fence Mesh Solutions

Heras temporary fencing is ideal for a wide range of applications, including infrastructure and construction services, governmental use, and event organisation. It can also be covered with a printed banner to promote a current project or future plans, or for company branding. Unlike hoarding, heras fence covers don’t usually require planning permission to hang up and are a very cost-effective method of advertising.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from several different heras fence mesh cover materials. For example, air mesh heras fence cover is made from a lightweight fabric that allows wind to pass through it, which reduces wind loading and makes your fence less likely to blow over. This material can be folded for easy storage and transportation, and it is a popular choice for events or at sites that need a high level of privacy.

We also offer a perforated 330GSM Heras fence cover, which is heavier than airmesh but still allows some wind to pass through. This material is more suitable for sites where wind is not a significant factor, or if you have the option to install Heras fence stabilisers.

The key to deciding when Heras fencing is the right solution for your needs is understanding the rules and regulations that govern your site and carrying out a risk assessment. Once you’ve done this, you can then decide whether to purchase or hire your Heras fence panels.

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