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Impaired Driving Offences – Why You Need an Impaired Driving Defense Lawyer

If you have been accused of impaired driving, it is critical that you speak to a Calgary impaired driving defense lawyer right away. Contacting a criminal defense attorney before you go to court is a smart move and could help you avoid a lifelong criminal record that can prevent you from travelling across Canada, taking out insurance, and finding employment.

A Calgary impaired driving defense lawyer will take a holistic approach to defending you against all aspects of your charge. They will assess your situation, explain your options and provide you with an appropriate strategy to fight your case.

The DUI/DWI laws are among the harshest in the world and there Gohere are a number of complexities that can affect your case. A conviction can result in a fine, a driver’s license suspension, an increased insurance cost and even jail time.

Being charged with a drunk driving offence is a stressful and intimidating experience for everyone involved. Having a skilled and experienced impaired driving defence lawyer on your side can make the difference between a positive outcome and a negative one.

At Advocate Law, we have over 20 years of experience defending clients against a wide range of criminal charges, including impaired driving. Our criminal lawyers are familiar with all of the latest impaired driving cases and will work to ensure that you get the best possible outcome.

If you have been arrested for a drunk driving offence, it is crucial that you speak to an experienced impaired driving defense lawyer immediately. You may be able to have your charges reduced or avoided altogether.

In Alberta, a police officer has the authority to stop any vehicle they suspect is driven by an intoxicated person. This may involve having the driver perform a physical sobriety test or blowing into a roadside breathalyzer device.

While alcohol is a common cause of impaired driving, drug impairment can also be considered. If the Crown decides to prosecute you, they will investigate any substance that has impairing effects on your ability to drive safely.

The severity of a drunk driving offence varies, depending on the level of intoxication at the time of the incident and whether or not you caused harm to others while impaired. It is important to understand the legal and constitutional framework surrounding impaired driving so that you are fully prepared for your case.

Our impaired driving defense lawyer, Alan Pearse, can help you evaluate your situation and develop an effective defence based on your individual circumstances. You can schedule a free consultation with him to discuss your case.

Impaired driving charges, ranging from DUI to DWI to OVI, are serious charges that require the expertise of an experienced criminal defence lawyer. Call Advocate Law today to find out more about how we can assist you.

In addition to impaired driving, we can also handle other criminal charges. Whether you are facing a serious violent offence, homicide, drug possession, sexual assault, or other crimes, we have the skills and experience to fight for your freedom.

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