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SGD Importers

SGD Importers is a leading provider of artificial plants, trees, flowers, vertical wall gardens, synthetic grass, plastic outdoor plants and fibreglass pots & containers. The company offers these products at low prices and provides Australia-wide discount freight services.

SGD stands for Single Goods Declaration and is a Customs document that shows unabridged details of the goods imported or exported. It is a legal document, required by Customs authorities for cargo clearance and payment of Customs duty in some countries.

In some places, it is known as the face of entry; in others, it is called the bill of entry. In Nigeria, it is also referred to as the Assessment Notice and is required for Customs clearance of imported goods.

The importer or his representative (Customs Broker or DTI cafe) generates SGD Importers the SGD by filling in the information about the goods and their value using a software program that is compatible with Nigeria Customs standards. Depending on the jurisdiction, the data is then submitted electronically to the Customs authority for processing.

It is also possible to enter the data manually into the software. But it is less convenient and time-consuming to do so.

Moreover, the manual entry process is not suitable for large volumes. It can be time-consuming and costly to keep re-entering data, especially if the volume is high.

To avoid double taxation, assess each item in an order and only charge GST on low-value items, marking them as “GST paid.” This will allow you to remit the payment to IRAS quarterly.

Determine low-value based on the CIF value of each item and the shipping cost, as shown in example 2. Then, calculate the total CIF cost for each order and collect GST on this sum at checkout.

Choose a method that works for you. Once you choose this valuation method, commit to it and collect GST on the CIF value of every low-value item and the shipping cost for each order. You must remit this amount to IRAS quarterly.

Ensure that your OVR tax ID number is noted on the commercial invoice so that the carrier can relay it to customs when they pick up the order. This is necessary for the OVR regime to work smoothly and to avoid delays in obtaining your tax ID number from IRAS.

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