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What is the best source for personal loan

Whether you’re planning to finance a wedding, pay for home improvement projects or consolidate debt, a personal loan can help. But finding the best one requires poring over interest rates, fees and repayment terms. If you’re unsure where to start, consider checking out trusted online sources. These include company websites, online reviews and a searchable database on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau website.

The best personal loan in Singapore feature a range of benefits, including low to moderate APRs and fixed interest rates, quick funding timelines and flexible lending terms. Typically, they don’t require collateral like a car or house and are available to people with good to excellent credit scores. Many lenders also limit how borrowers can use their funds and offer additional features, such as unemployment protection or one-on-one financial planning.

Some of the most reputable providers are banks, credit unions and online lenders. They all have different loan requirements and criteria, so it’s important to research each one before you apply. For example, some lenders require at least a 660 FICO score while others have higher minimum requirements. Additionally, some lenders may have specific categories of borrowers they prefer to lend to, such as military members or millennials.

Aside from comparing loan requirements and criteria, check out each lender’s reputation and customer service. It’s best to choose a lender with an excellent customer satisfaction rating and a solid track record in the industry. Likewise, you should avoid lenders with negative reviews and complaints filed with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

When selecting the best personal loans, we’ve factored in a variety of metrics, including loan requirements, APRs, fees, loan amounts and transparency. Since rates and fees have the most direct impact on your borrowing experience, we weight them more heavily. Other factors, such as borrower advocacy and support, are still important but don’t directly affect your borrowing experience, so we weigh them less.

We’ve reviewed over 35 personal loan providers and chosen the best ones based on their stars, APR ranges, loan amounts and minimum required credit scores. The following are our top picks:


For borrowers who want the convenience of one-stop shopping, we recommend checking out the options from online lender Discover. The company offers a wide variety of personal loans with flexible payoff periods and reasonable interest rates, as well as a mobile app that helps you manage your loan. In addition, the company offers an automatic payments discount that can reduce your APR by 0.25 percentage points.

Navy Federal Credit Union is another option if you’re looking for an all-around great personal loan. The military-focused lender has competitive rates, a fast funding process and an outstanding customer experience. In addition, it reports all loan payments to the three major credit bureaus and has a savings and checking account option that can help you build your credit. Finally, if you don’t qualify for Navy Federal, Patelco Credit Union and First Tech Federal Credit Union are both excellent choices that offer affordable rates and zero origination fees.

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